Ripple Effect, by Johnny Murray

Artwork Title: Ripple Effect

This painting represents the Boys to the Bush organisation held up by its core values; Engagement, Community & Resilience.

You will notice that everything is duplicated in threes. The circles are painted in threes and the lines leading into and away from the circles are all in threes. What this represents is us paying respect to where we’ve come from (the past) where we are now (the present) and where we aim to be moving forward (the future).

Some paths are more direct represented by the straight lines, where others paths and others journeys may take a little longer.

The repeated lines outside of the circles and between the paths represent the positive ‘Ripple Effect’ that Boys to the Bush has in the community, a young person’s family and ultimately the positive effect it has in a young person becoming the best version of themselves.

The colour green is used as the dominant colour in this artwork as it represents one of the main core values of the Boys to the Bush which is Resilience, the colour green also has connections to youth, growth and good fortune. The colour green is also the Boys to the Bush logo colour.

This artwork was produced by Johnny Murray a proud Yorta Yorta man born and raised in Albury NSW. This artwork is intended to tell the story of the Boys to the Bush and its core values. This artwork is also intended to be a conversation starter. “It takes a conversation to start a relationship”.

As the artist, I give permission for this artwork to be reproduced as part of the Boys to The Bush program under the direction of Boys to the Bush staff and leadership. Everyone’s view of Engagement, Community & Resilience is different however the core value remains the same.

Every bit helps

Three and a half years ago myself and two good mates had an idea.

We thought we might run a couple of camps open to the public each year in our spare time. We thought it would be a great way for some young fellas to experience what it is like to spend some time on a farm, learn to fish and just spend some time away from their creature comforts. We thought “Let’s have a crack!”

Three and a half years ago seems like a lifetime ago now.

Since then we have allowed Boys to the Bush to grow organically and have adjusted things accordingly. We have learnt so much about running an organisation as well as exactly what we are aiming to achieve.

We now know that what we do works. We know that we must remain committed to supporting the young fellas we are lucky enough to build a rapport with. We know that what we do goes far beyond just having kids on camps. We know that we are genuinely changing and saving the lives of so many lads that are doing it tough.

It is through no fault of their own that the majority of these kids find themselves in such precarious situations. It is through no fault of their own that they were not brought up to value; education, employment, respect for woman etc.

We are so proud that we now a model that works. It is one that is replicable. It is one that once established can then stand on its own two feet. It is one that will remain in that community for the long term- assisting those from that community that are in desperate need of support. This model will ensure more disadvantaged youth have the opportunity to become not only better men but contributing members to that community.

So when I hear people in my community complaining about these very kids, I often ask myself “what are they doing to help?” Because if all we do as a community is complain about the problem then all we are effectively doing is contributing to this very problem.

I’m sure people will read this and say “well I can’t do anything to help them…” If this is the case then I want to assure you that you most certainly can.

You can donate your time/skills- if you have the capacity to teach a new skill, you can help. Get in touch with us…

You can donate some money- every dollar donated to BttB goes to programs that assist these youth. These donations can also be claimed as a tax deduction. Let us know if you would like to view our sponsorship prospectus or jump online to nominate an amount…

You can donate goods- you can support us by donating goods that could be used as part of programs or given to the boys themselves. Get in touch with us….