From Little Things…

Last month, we held our first ever Black-Tie Fundraiser here in Albury. The 200-capacity event was sold out and truly was, an amazing night. I was well aware of how the night would play out- I knew the speaker’s themes, I had viewed the videos of the kids that would be shown, and I had […]

Ripple Effect, by Johnny Murray

Artwork Title: Ripple Effect This painting represents the Boys to the Bush organisation held up by its core values; Engagement, Community & Resilience. You will notice that everything is duplicated in threes. The circles are painted in threes and the lines leading into and away from the circles are all in threes. What this represents […]

Every bit helps

Three and a half years ago myself and two good mates had an idea. We thought we might run a couple of camps open to the public each year in our spare time. We thought it would be a great way for some young fellas to experience what it is like to spend some time […]

BttB is changing lives… It’s as simple as that.

Almost 3 years have passed since our first camp and, Wow how things have progressed! Our initial idea of running a few camps a year for a few kids in our school holidays has evolved into something that has changed the lives of many of our hundreds of participants. It has also changed mine. This […]

An Update

…but for now we continue to roll up our sleeves, put in the hard work because if we get our foundations right we can work on getting their foundations right.

Start of a new journey

whilst this career change is certainly not favoured by certainty, it is one driven by passion, motivation and clear thinking. And this is why I’m confident of a well-executed change.