Almost 4 weeks into my new role and I am still listening out: for bells to ring, a student to disrupt me whilst working at the computer, or a colleague letting me know I am late for playground duty. I have twice parked my car only to realise I was in the wrong location.

I am slowly working out that things take as long as they need in order to be done properly, not rushing to finish them in order to do all the other things that presents. I now have the time to focus all my time on Boys To The Bush.

I’m constantly stopped by people who ask how I am enjoying my new role, how I have found the transition and/or how long until I’m back teaching.  My answer is quite simple- I’m loving it.

That is not to say I don’t miss my old job.

I miss the opportunity of being with the kids every day, the banter between my colleagues, the comfort of the routines and no doubt in the future, the School Holidays!

Whilst all the things I have waved goodbye to are still fresh in my mind they do not outweigh the passion and drive I have for helping create a sustainable future for Boys To The Bush.

Currently I’m spending much of my time on what may seem as monotonous tasks, I know that these are all building the foundations for our programs to grow from. The growth of our programs will only ensure more and more disengaged boys are able to be a part of what we are creating- something they engage with, something they belong to and someone to rely on.

We have grand plans for our Organisation and the amount of kids lives we will be changing, but for now we continue to roll up our sleeves, put in the hard work because if we get our foundations right we can work on getting their foundations right.

“When the root is deep…. There is no reason to fear the wind…”


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