In a society with so much noise and so many distractions, it is easy to forget how getting back to basics can re-charge your batteries and re-focus the mind.

Many of the boys arrive at camp ‘amped up’ on sugar, energy drinks and prescription medication. They are unable to sit still for longer than a few minutes. They want and need to be doing or saying something almost all of the time. They need to know what the exact temperature is instead of just realising it’s bloody hot and dealing with it. Instead of working out how to setup their swags using their brains they are asking for their smartphones to “Youtube it.” Instead of making themselves something to eat, they are asking “when’s lunch?” And its hard to make eye contact when they are looking into a smartphone!

Fast forward a few days and those very same boys are now taking orders for lunch, turning on the BBQ and cooking up a feed for the group. They are now asking questions to each other when faced with a problem that needs solving and then trying to work it out for themselves.  The same boys that could not spend 2 minutes without saying something are now sitting around the fire with nothing more than the crackling of freshly cut wood burning away. Some of the boys that are unable to sleep without their Melatonin are fast asleep (before we are meant to administer the meds). And those boys that only had eyes for their phone are sitting around yarning about all the things they saw today.

Boys To The Bush is not doing anything new, in fact it is quite the opposite. Our whole philosophy around our camps is to provide an environment for boys to spend some time getting to know how simple and enjoyable life can be.



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