Blog post number three

The big T-Man recently attended a camp with Boys To The Bush, these guys seriously run the best camp ever!!! He left a boy and returned a young man.

Even now, two months on, he still talks about his camp experiences daily.

As a single mum raising two boys I’m very aware of the male influences in their life, their poppy does an incredible job being a stable and constant male figure for them…my friends husbands & the boys uncles step in when they can….but they don’t get many opportunities to interact with men outside our inner circle and that’s where this camp was super beneficial…

Adam Tim and Richard provide a safe fun “blokey” environment where boys can be boys while learning new skills
and good work ethic.

Being home schooled and travelling the boys don’t always get to interact with peers their own age, so this camp gave Big-T the chance to “hang with mates” and have that all important peer time away from me and his brother.


An Update

...but for now we continue to roll up our sleeves, put in the hard work because if we get our foundations right we can work on getting their foundations right....

Start of a new journey

whilst this career change is certainly not favoured by certainty, it is one driven by passion, motivation and clear thinking. And this is why I’m confident of a well-executed change....

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