Other Programs

We are always reviewing our programs and looking to find ways to connect with the boys and the communities in which we operate.


These camps are aimed at providing a group of boys with the opportunity to learn about different trades and employment, whilst also keeping true to our Boys to the Bush ways of sleeping in swags and linking in with the bush.

During their time with us, the boys gained their white card qualification and CPR certificate. As part
of the camp the boys got to experience different job sites, chat with qualified tradesman and observe how different professions execute their work.

The staff of Bathurst, Forbes and Albury would like to thank all the businesses and sponsors who helped
make these camps possible. Without their continued support we would not be able to provide these boys with such great experiences.

Shed talks

Our Shed Talks are just another opportunity for us to connect the kids with more good people, from their community.

Hundreds of community members and kids spent time in our sheds every year as part of our “Shed Talks” Programs.

From Emergency Services to local sporting clubs, volunteers to sponsors, service providers to families of our participants, these evenings are an informal opportunity to educate our communities about what we do and offer opportunities for each of them to continue to be involved.

The format is like much of what we do; it is simple. We invite community members in and we invite the kids in. We share a meal together and provide time for interaction. It is that simple!

How to join a program


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To attend a camp, first
please speak to one of our Boys to the Bush Area Managers


Enquiry Form

After speaking to an Area Manager, complete the online Enquiry Form to recieve a quote.

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Complete the online
Registration Form after:

  1. You have been advised your child/child in your care has been allocated a camp position.
  2. You have completed the Enquiry Form and recieved a quote.