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My son has been engaged with Boys To The Bush since we moved to Albury back in 2018.  He was a young lad, emerging into a teen and we were struggling with him.  We stumbled upon BTTB after reading a newspaper article; I simply couldn’t contact them fast enough.  We were desperate for any help to keep our young fella on the right track. We had tried many other services and all were supportive but it just wasn’t enough and he continued to struggle.

A couple of years into it, our lad was taking risks and was disengaged from family, school….everything really.. He had numerous indiscretions with the law and ended up spending time incarcerated on a few occasions.

At one point he asked me, his Mum, to give up on him

Throughout all of the turmoil, BTTB remained connected with, and committed to, my boy. BTTB was the only thing that he would willingly engage in.

At the moment my lad is away from home, living with family, to break the cycle of risky and unsafe behaviour.  Recently, BTTB assisted him in to obtain a part-time job at a dairy farm. I can say with pride that he is doing well, working hard and becoming a fine young man.

From a distance he still remains connected to his BTTB family and I am thankful they continue to check in with him and make sure he is on the right track or if he just wants to chat. I know they are proud of him too!

There are no words to express my gratitude to BTTB and all that they have done for my boy (and our family). I am certain that if I did not stumble across them 3 years ago, he would not be where he finds himself today.

Happy Mum

While we, as a school, are well-placed to observe the challenges he faces in an educational setting, it is clear from reports to school that the behaviours and challenges detailed above are mirrored in other domains.

The support he has received through the Boys to the Bush program has been pivotal in ameliorating the challenges detailed above. He, and his mother, have both reported to school that John Murray, the Aboriginal worker at Boys to the Bush, represents the only safe and supportive male he has a relationship with. John—and his program, which is holistic, nature based, and highly-adaptable to client need—represents the most effective therapeutic intervention he has received over the past year.

It is clear that there is a cultural element to the efficacy of this support; John is Aboriginal, like him, and they share reciprocal relationships within the local community. (He does not consistently access Aboriginal education programs at school, primarily because of the social deficits described above).

Vitally, John also appears to be able to act as a conduit to other necessary supports: He has historically refused to attend psychological, speech, or occupational therapy services. However, in recent months, he has demonstrated a willingness to attend these services with John accompanying him. The potential for the Boys to the Bush program to facilitate him accessing services represents a vital opportunity to ensure he continues to increase his social, academic, cognitive, and emotional capacity.

Without access to the Boys to the Bush program, he has returned to refusing to attend services. It is not possible to overstate the importance of this program to him.

Happy School

Our Son Jon, 14 years, has attended 4 Boys to the Bush Camps and has loved every moment of it.  Jon has had some challenges over the years with regards to schooling, including suspensions, bullying and making friends. He also has the bad habit of making poor decisions, which has been testing for the school and his family life. Before the camps we would say that Jon had pretty low self-esteem, he was glued to the computer and was starting to become antisocial

After each camp, we’ve welcomed home a happy kid, full of stories of adventures and feats.  A teen that has had a healthy detox from technology. We’ve seen his confidence grow and he’s come home a little bit more mature.  While at camp he’s been able to mix with other guys his own age and kids who have faced similar challenges at school.  He’s had his social skills tested, which has resulted in him having better luck making and keep friendships at school.  Jon hasn’t had the chance to experience the comradely of other males before the camp and we believe that he has benefited from the guidance of the Boys to the Bush Team and boys at camp.

He’s enjoyed the camps so much, especially working on the farms, that he took up AG as an elective at school.

Another benefit of the camp is the fact that Jon has also been more appreciative and considerate of us since attending the camp.  After the first camp, he even thanked us for all that we’ve done, which was a “did he actually say that” moment.  Boys to the Bush has been a rewarding experience for son and it’s our wish to send him on more camps in the future.

Jon’s Father

Having him engage with Boys to the Bush has had an amazing impact on his life.

He previously was not attending school at all and was regularly listed as a missing person. I know he was engaging in criminal activities with older kids and adults and if he did not change these behaviours he would no doubt be locked up. I know he will still face his challenges and may slip up at times, but I am so pleased he is engaged with these guys at Boys to the Bush.

His attendance is better at school, and he is now very rarely going missing. I have no doubt that being involved in the Boys to the Bush program is the reason for the turnaround. He feels connected to something and he now has good male role models in his life.

Caseworker, Family Preservation, Woomera Aboriginal Corporation

Boys to the Bush has changed my life in so many ways.

Before these camps were available, my five brothers and I wouldn’t get many opportunities to spend time all together because we all live in different places. Now we are all together every school holidays.

The camps are helpful and teach us skills for when we are adults and become independent.

The Boys to the Bush program has surrounded me with positive role models who look out for me, all year round.

There is also now the chance for my brothers and I to spend weekends together, so we can grow up around each other.

A big shout out to the men of Boys to the Bush for putting up with us and changing our boring lives while giving us the inspiration to be better boys and better men in the future.

Dayne - One of our Bushies

I just want to say a Huge thank you to all the guys at Boys to the bush’

Coming across your website and from first contact with Adam, to my boy going on his 1 camp at Easter it is truly one of the best things that has ever happened for my boy and I.

The depth of the convos we have when he returns from camp are wonderful to see and hear him so happy proud and excited is heartfelt.

I can see he has matured more and more after each time he has spent the 4 days at camp with you all. It’s a wonderful thing to see your child so excited about something and happy

I am so thankful for your guidance and support towards my son, not only at the camps but throughout the whole year.

He admires and looks up to you all, he has learnt a lot from you all and I know you have all made a huge difference in his life…

Karen - Mother

The big T-Man recently attended a camp with Boys To The Bush, these guys seriously run the best camp ever!!! He left a boy and returned a young man. Even now, two months on, he still talks about his camp experiences daily.

As a single mum raising two boys I’m very aware of the male influences in their life, their poppy does an incredible job being a stable and constant male figure for them…my friends husbands & the boys uncles step in when they can….but they don’t get many opportunities to interact with men outside our inner circle and that’s where this camp was super beneficial…Adam Tim and Richard provide a safe fun “blokey” environment where boys can be boys while learning new skills and good work ethic.

Being home schooled and travelling the boys don’t always get to interact with peers their own age, so this camp gave Big-T the chance to “hang with mates” and have that all important peer time away from me and his brother.

Simone - Mother

This camp meant so much him. He came home and had the most exciting and lengthy conversations with me  he was so happy when telling me all about the last few days. And how is one of the older ones and he knows they not meant to have favourites mum but i think I am lol

I’m so grateful he could have the opportunity again thanks so so much

As you know this year and the last 2 years have not been the best or easiest.

Coming across you guys was a blessing. It was what Xave needed.  Positive role modes and support.

I’d hate to think of the path he could of taken without all your guidance. So thanks again!

Happy Mum

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Boys in the Bush.

My son has been going on Tuesdays from Holy Spirit School. He has come home the past 2 Tuesdays so happy and excited and full of tales about what he got up to.

I can tell that what he is learning is having a deep impact on him and I’m so grateful,

Happy Mum - Kerryn

“The Boys to the Bush camp provided our students with the opportunity to develop new skills and build positive relationships with each other, teachers and camp coordinators, as well as members of the local community…”

Clancy- Teacher - Morwell

“My boys loved it… They enjoyed meeting and making new friends and have much respect for the 3 leaders…”

Julia - Mother - Adelaide

“…these guys seriously run the best camp ever!!! He left a boy and returned a young man. Even now, two months on, he still talks about his camp experiences daily… Adam Tim and Richard provide a safe, fun, “blokey” environment where boys can be boys while learning new skills and good work ethic…”

Simone - Mother - Brisbane

Boys to the Bush camps are very well organised and provide boys of various ages the opportunity to have a break from their home environment, get to know other young people and participate in a variety of activities that they may not usually have the opportunity to experience.

The camps encourage the boys to form new friendships, build on existing friendships and also give older boys the opportunity to be mentors for their younger peers.

Boys to the Bush camps provide siblings in out of home care the opportunity to spend time together in an informal setting and connect in a natural environment.

The staff are wonderful mentors and role models and engage very well with the participants. The staff are accepting of all young people and are understanding of behaviours and challenges that young men often face.

Boys to the Bush staff are passionate about what they do and go above and beyond to ensure all experiences are as positive and enjoyable as possible for all participants.   

Natasha - Caseworker